The Fanpop Advantage
Fanpop is the one-stop destination for people with real passions to find real content and community. With over 25,000,000 monthly unique visitors, Fanpop provides an excellent and cost-efficient platform for advertisers to communicate to their core audience. In addition to our advertising capabilities, Fanpop's media sharing and publishing tools can provide a compelling and complementary angle to your advertising campaign.
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Our Audience
Usage highlights:
  • 25,000,000+ monthly uniques (and growing)
  • 30,000,000+ monthly visits
  • 140,000,000+ monthly pageviews
  • Users average 5 pvs/visit
  • Users average 3 min/visit
Demographic highlights:
  • Gender ratio - 55% female : 45% male
  • 75% of the audience is 13-34 years old (50% are below 24)
  • 10% of the audience visits 10 or more times/month
Where our visitors
originate from:
north america europe asia australia
N. America 50%
(U.S. 40%)
Europe 32%
(U.K. 8%)
Asia 12%
(India 2%)
& NZ 4%
Ad Campaigns
Fanpop offers an array of standard and custom high-impact ad units:
(view our advertising gallery for actual examples)
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle (IAB standard)
  • 300x250 Half-page Ad (IAB standard)
  • 728x90 Leaderboard (IAB standard)
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper (IAB standard)
  • Background skins
  • Frontpage and channel-specific take-overs
  • Full-page interstitial ads
  • Sponsorship modules and sponsored clubs
  • Custom advertorial placements
Fanpop accepts a wide variety of rich media options.

On account of our robust content sharing and creation tools Fanpop is also well equipped to provide complementary and compelling marketing tie-ins such including online contests, image galleries, hosted video clips, hosted articles and more.
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What the Press is Saying
"Fanpop is a recently launched site that brings together user submitted links, syndicated headlines, forums and social networking. It calls itself a place for fans to share their favorite content regarding any topic. This one scores high on usability and stands a good chance of getting out of the tech niche...It's got a great, clean feel to it and it's fun to use." — Techcrunch
"For some reason, I really like Fanpop. I think it's the instant accessibility for the average user - everyone's a fan of something, and it's a really simple way of expressing your personality by associating yourself with brands. What's more, the design and usability are impressive." — Mashable
"What's unique about Fanpop is that it offers content as well as functioning as a fan site...The result is that Fanpop doesn't have that stale taste of a "wannabe Myspace" site." — The Seattle Post Intelligencer
"Another social site with web 2.0 goodness? Yes. Fanpop may standout, however, by picking the best qualities from a number of leading social sites and bringing them together in a neat integration...Fanpop brings together features I don't remember having seen aggregated elsewhere." — John Battelle's Searchblog
"Fanpop is a brand-new social networking site that looks to have an impressive growth rate. The site is squarely aimed at a younger audience interested in fandom subjects of all kinds including celebrities, news, trivia and much more. The thing that struck me most positively about Fanpop is that it's startlingly well designed an easy-to-use." — Social Computing Magazine
What the Fanpop Users are Saying
"Everything is designed perfectly for the users" — knifewrench (male, 16 years old)
"Unlike most other websites that appeal to our generation, Fanpop is a real community. The interests of the users are always put first, and the whole site is designed to make you feel welcome. It's also not ridiculously restricted, and actually allows you to have fun. The creators are all dedicated, and it appeals to every age, including teenagers." — AmyFitz (female, 16 years old)
"Fanpop is great, i can't get enough. The best place for all the latest gossip and news on things we all love" — rookyboy (male, 15 years old)
"Thank you for making Fanpop my drug of choice." — kathiria82 (female, 25 years old)
"I've really seen a community grow up from a few power users to a whole slew of major contributers. I can seriously say the highlight of my day is when I log in and see all these updates to spots that I'm a fan of. I'm crazy about Fanpop. I've sipped the purple kool-aid and it tastes good!" — johnminh (male, 33 years old)
"This website is truly a wonderful community of great fans all over the world. I can't thank you guys enough for everthing you've done. Fanpop is a wonderful site and I am addicted for life." — megloveskyle (female, 21 years old)
"The other week I realised that this is where I truly belong. Where I can make picks about things I love, add images to make spots better, and add links and videos that I'm suprised aren't on here already, as communicating with other fans and writing articles about anything that exist only here. I can finally say, that after all that searching: I'm home...and I will never leave" — pkmntrainerj (male, 20 years old)
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