What Is Fanpop?
It's tough to keep up with the world wide web when it keeps getting bigger and bigger each day. Wouldn't it be great if someone organized the web into topics you care about? We thought so too, so we created Fanpop. Fanpop is the one-stop destination for real people with real passions to find real content and community. Remember when the web was small enough that you could look at a directory of the best sites on the web for a certain area of interest? We missed those days, but felt like the community should be the editors who contribute and decide what the best content on the web for a given topic should be. We like to think of Fanpop as the next generation of fansites created for the fans by the fans. It's a one-stop destination for fans of anything and everything and the place to find fellow devoted fans. We wanted to make discovering and sharing content fun, easy and social.
How It Works
Fanpop is a network of user-generated fan clubs for different topics of interest created and maintained by the community of fans. Each fan club has a bunch of really cool features that empower the fans to share and discover content and interact with each other. Here's what you'll find in all our clubs:
Videos We know what a pain it is to go around and search for videos on all the different video sharing sites. It's hard to even keep track of how many sites there are! We allow fans to add links to videos from different sources (YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video, etc.) and we embed the video player for your convenience so you never have to go off to another site. This lets our users discuss the videos right on Fanpop so they never have to leave. This way you know the conversation will probably be focused and you won't get all those random silly comments that you hate to read. Now you can stay on top of all of your favorite topics through videos like trailers, clips, previews and sneak peaks, music videos, fan videos and more. The best part is that it's all filtered by the fans who know where to find the videos that you want to see.
Add and discover videos from various video sharing sites.
Links Wouldn't it be nice if all the experts of a topic collected all the best links from around the web for you in one place? That's what our Links section is for! Think of it as social-bookmarking but for that specific area of interest. If you find a great article, a new fansite, an awesome blog, or other helpful link that you think other fans would appreciate, just add it to a relevant club. This way other fans and experts in the subject can rate the quality of the link so you don't have to go digging through all the results from a search engine.
Bookmark and share your favorite content with other fans.
Polls You know you've been dying to ask your fellow fans a question. What's your favorite Broadway musical? Who do you think killed JR? Which Hawaiian island do you like most? We've created Polls so you can poll the Fanpop community in a fun and interactive way. Polls are different from your typical boring polls because you can spice them up with pictures and fans can comment with their answer. It's a great way to see what all the fans are thinking and a great conversation starter. Every poll is saved to your profile so other fans can see just what kind of fan you are. Some Smallville fans might like Clark and others might be rooting for Lex. Now you can find out a lot about a person from their Polls!
Poll the community of fans for what they think.
Forums Every good fansite should have a forum, so why would a Fanpop club be any different? Go ahead and start conversations with your fellow fans. Each fan club has a dedicated forum where fans can discuss topics that they all share an interest in. Because we are such a casual site, fans are generally really easy going and any "noobie" can post to the forums and get helpful responses.
Start and participate in discussions with fellow fans.
Articles We know that sometimes a fan just wants to get on their soapbox and start voicing their opinion, so we created a feature that allows fans to publish their own articles like a magazine or a blog. Not everyone has a blog that they share their knowledge with and even those that have a blog might not have enough readers that will appreciate their brilliant writing. With Fanpop, your article will be read by all the fans who know exactly what they're talking about because other fans who share their passion for the subject will be reading it. You can add images with captions, embed links, style fonts and more. What you end up with looks like a professional online article! Other fans can rate and comment your article after you publish it or you can save it to a draft and finish it up later. Don't keep all your great ideas bottled up inside of you, go and write an article on Fanpop so others can benefit from it.
Publish original articles and stories on Fanpop.
Image Gallery We found that it was painful looking for good images for our favorite topics. Whenever we went to a wallpaper site it was always plastered with ads and we were inundated with popup ads. We also noticed that fans loved to make fan art and icons to express themselves but had nowhere to really share them. So we decided to create a safe and simple way for fans to share all their photos, icons, wallpapers and fan art in one place. Now you can show off all of your creations with other fans in our galleries and easily find images of your favorite things in a nice organized way.
Find photos, wallpapers, icons and fan art.
Fans The whole reason we created Fanpop was to connect fans with other fans who share similar passions. On every club you can find a list of all the other fans of that topic. Reach out and connect to them by either adding them to your fan list or writing them a message to chat about those things that you share in common.
Find and connect with other fans like you.